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The InfraPure - Anti-Ageing & Skin Rejuvenation Device
Infrared LED Light Therapy Can Turn Back Time
The InfraSculpt 3-in-1 Beauty & Body Sculpting Device

The UK's Latest Innovation in Anti-Ageing & Skin Rejuvenation Is Here!


That Long Lost Search For Perfect Skin is Over!  

Infrared LED Light Therapy Treatment Is Finally A Skin Solution That Actually Works!


Women for centuries have spent fortunes looking for that new miracle cure for lines and wrinkles, and anti-ageing products, without much success.  We all want to grow old gracefully, but we do not want to look our age.


Now, there is a new revolutionary anti-ageing solution, that won't cost you a fortune, you don't need to keep buying it, and within 8 weeks you will notice a significant difference in your entire face (other users have seen a difference after only 2 uses).  Whether it be those crow's feet, laughter lines, lip lines, broken capillaries, adult acne, large pores - we have one solution for all - The New InfraPure Infrared LED Light Therapy Device.


The Power of the Sun's Rays Without The Harmful UV


Our Products - The InfraPure & InfraSculpt


We are also showcasing another fantastic new product - The InfraSculpt.  Not only does this product work on the skin as with the InfraPure using Infrared LED Light Therapy, but this is also a new break through device for eliminating cellulite, scars and stretch marks, but also works on breaking down the stubborn fat, that all that dieting will not shift, by making the muscles work 50 times harder than regular exercise.  Now who would not want that?!


Infrared LED Light Therapy has been used for years in the medical fields and proven by NASA (see under The Science Behind Our Products), and with all this experience, and decades of trials, we now have revolutionary new beauty therapy treatments, that are non-evasive, pain-free, holistic and has absolutely no side affects, and does not cost you a fortune.


Our Trials


Currently, we are running several other trials, on a variety of skin conditions.  One trial is on a young teenage boy who has suffered with severe excema since he was a baby.  Another trial is a client testing the InfraPure on their psoriasis.  Another is a client with severe knee pain due to rhuematism and also has a Bakers Cyst.  

As well as these, we have a Beauty Therapist who is trialing the InfraPure on clients with lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun spots etc.  One lady who has been on a strict diet and exercise regime, is using our InfraSculpt,

and where she was losing 1/2lb a week, she is now losing 2lbs a week, and in her first week of trialing,

she lost an inch all over.


The InfraPure With 3 Coloured Lens

Not Just For Beauty Treatments


Apart from the cosmetic sides of things, having done major research for over two years now, we now know that Infrared Red LED Light Therapy is also very effective with illness's such as Altzheimer's, Dementia and Parkinson's.  We are not saying it is a cure for the illness, but with the 850nm, this range of waves reaches the brain, and helps to reproduce the cells that the illness is killing off.


What has been proved is, that Infrared Red LED Light Therapy, helps to slow down the illness to a degree,

and patients have been reported to find that their speech improves,

their memory improves and in general feeling more like themselves.


Please see further reports under "The Science Behind Our Products".

The InfraSculpt 3-in-1 Body Sculpting Device

They Actually Work!


We are extremely excited about these new products - simply because they do actually work.  No better guinea pigs than ourselves.  We know testimonials from staff you may feel are misleading, but we assure you then are genuine, but we will be adding the testimonials from genuine Clients who are trialing them, and then from Clients who have purchased in the future.


As with our infrared heating side of the business, we know that people are wary of anything new - look at how we were about microwaves 30 years ago, and now every household has one.  We hope the same about infrared.  


We can just reassure you that these new products, The InfraPure and InfraSculpt, are pain-free, non-invasive, holistic products with absolutely now side effects whatsoever.  It is just giving your body and extra helping of the sun's rays without the UV (and a helping hand to start looking less your age).


If you have any questions or queries, before you purchase or are considering purchasing, please do not hesitate to call Sarah on 07549 900121,

or email her at sarah@infraredlighttherapy.co.uk, and she will be happy to help.


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