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Who Are Infra-Care Ltd

Who Are We - Infra-Care Ltd


Infra-Care Ltd is a UK based specialist consultant and supplier of Infrared LED Light Therapy Treatment & Beauty Devices.


Sarah who runs Infra-Care Ltd worked at our sister company, Infrared Direct Ltd for many years, where she first learnt about the health benefits of infrared, due to selling infrared heating.  Sarah soon became one of the UK's most knowledgeable female consultants in Infrared Heating.  


Sarah is also a fully trained Beauty Therapist, with a passion for natural, holistic treatments for skin conditions, and having the knowledge about infrared, she decided to take it to the next step.


Infrared is one of the most powerful and natural forms of treating both skin ailments as well as a variety of other ailments such as rhuematism, arthritis, to dementia, Parkinsons and other such conditions.


Sarah has spent over two years researching and trialling infrared products on a huge array of skin conditions.  The infrared heating panels in themselves proved to work so well on conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, it was from this, and her research, that Sarah became involved in the Infrared LED Light Therapy Treatment Devices - hence we became Infra-Care Ltd.


We have been running many trials now, for over 18 months now, as well as having personally tested these devices on ourselves, before we decided to roll out these new products.  We test everything before adding new products to our range, and thankfully our team were more than happy to trial these products (especially the women!).


One member of staff has "adult" cystic acne, and within one week of trialing the InfraPure (in conjunction with her prescribed topical acne cream), she noticed a significant difference.  


Read all about her story in the "How Our Products Work" section.

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