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What Our Clients Actually Say About Our Products

I know this testimonial is from one of our employees, but they have been trialing the InfraPure and InfraSculpt for over a year now, and here are their findings:-


Sarah - Operations Manager of Infra-Care Ltd


As a fully trained Beauty Therapist (and having had awful skin since I was a teenager), once qualified, I became obsessed with finding new products that would help my "adult" cystic acne.  I have spent a fortune over the years looking for that miracle cure - I'm in my early 40's but have the skin of an adolescent teenager!  Nothing the doctors gave me, or any "miracle" new cream that came onto the market, ever really worked.  They may have worked for a week or so, but then I might as well have not bothered trying.


I was very keen to find a natural, holistic way to treat my skin, as I was fed up with steroid and other harsh chemicals going onto my skin.  


Having worked with infrared heating for years, I knew about the health benefits of infrared, particularly to the skin, so I started researching this further, and found out about Infrared LED Light Therapy Treatments.  I had heard about LED Light Therapy, but never about one with Infrared, which got much further into the skin, and was supposed to help with severe hormonal acne, which is renowned for being extremely stubborn to get rid off.  So we purchased a couple of samples, and I was more than happy to be a guinea pig.


Within two weeks of use, the large cysts I had were suddenly going down within a day of using the device, and within three days the cysts were completely gone.  I wondered if it was just coincidence, but carried on using my device, and just could not believe the results.


Having been using the device for almost a year now - I can, for the first time in years, go out of the house without make-up on, and have been doing so for some time now.  I was fed up trying to hide these large ugly lumps on my face, and not feel self-conscious!  OK, this treatment is not a cure for what I have, as the problem is hormonal, but I get nowhere the amount of breakouts I was having - at one stage last year I had 12 cysts on and around my chin.


Now, a couple of times a month, one cyst will pop up, but I put the infrared onto that night, and by the next morning, it has reduced to a quarter of its size, is much less angry looking, and by the third day it is completely gone - no scab, no scar.


I have also noticed that my skin is producing much less oil, as I had quite greasy combination skin.  I had a couple of large pores around my nose, which have almost gone back to their normal size, and the small broken capillaries around my nose have completely disappeared.  My overall general skin tone is much more radiant, and it is even firming the skin on my neck - all this when I was just looking for an acne cure!


The collagen has been promoted within my skin, and the little lines and wrinkles that had started to creep in, are looking much less defined, and the long crease I had between my eyebrows, is actually getting less and less deep by the week.


I know this is going to sound like a sales pitch to you, but I can promise you that it is only after these and many other trials we have run over past year, we as a company decided, to start selling these products.  This is a genuine and true testimonial to the fact that these devices actually work.  I would not be without mine, and it goes everywhere with me - if I go away for the weekend, the InfraPure is the first thing I put in my case.  It has become part of my daily skin-care routine - I still do all the cleansing and toning, but this is my most important task of the day.  


I hope you have found this useful to you, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Sarah

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