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The InfraPure


Care and Maintenance 

During normal use, the The InfraPure treatment panels should be disinfected before treatment using a clean, damp cloth and alcohol. The typical procedure for cleaning the panels is disinfecting with 70% isopropyl alcohol. If necessary, the protective plastic case of The InfraPure can also be cleaned using a cloth and soapy water. The cloth should only be moist and not dripping wet to reduce any risk of water entering the device. 


Safety Precautions 

• If taking drugs or medication such as tetracycline which cause photosensitivity, or you or your skin is sensitive to light, please consult your physician prior to use. 

• Do not use over or near a recent steroid injection. 
• Do not use with liniments, salves or ointments that contain heat-producing ingredients.
• Do not look directly at light or shine in the eyes while in operation, and do not use if you are sensitive to light.
• Do not use over neck if diagnosed or suspect a thyroid problem. 
• Do not use over any suspicious or cancerous lesions.
• Do not use if you are pregnant.


“Device will not start when the Power button is pressed”
 Ensure that the power adaptor is connected directly to the device, and is firmly connected and plugged into a working outlet. 

“Unusual light patterns or performance behavior”
 Loose connection between the power adaptor and the device.  Reconnect. 
 Broken or damaged power cord.  Contact customer service for replacement.

“Device will not begin treatment”
 Check to see if the treatment panel is secure. Ensure the device is connected and plugged in.

The InfraSculpt


Safety Precautions (included in package)


This product is a well designed precision instrument.  In order to have your InfraSculpt functioning perfectly, please read all of the below information thoroughly and follow all instructions.  This will help you to ensure the warranty validity and to extend the life cycle of this device.


1.  Store your product away from humidity and do not use it under water, other wise the electronic components of your product may get corroded and short circuit.


2.  Do not store your device anywhere close to a heat source as this could cause malfunction such as a shortened life cycle, twisted or melted plastic components.


3.  Do not drop the device or subject it to any vibration as this may cause a malfunction.


4.  Never attempt to disassemble the product itself.  All the product's components can only be maintained and/or repaired by professional technicians.  Any tampering with the device will affect the validity of your warranty.


5.  Do not use any other adapter other than the one included in the package.  Using and incompatible adapter may result in a malfunction and will affect the validity of your warranty.


6.  Do not tug the cable when you unplug the power.  In order to avoid any bad contact with the device, the best way is to hold the plug when unplugging from the socket.


7.  Ensure all wires are kept tidily together.  Do not wind the wires around the devic, twist them or damage the wires surface.


8. If you suffer from any of the following ailments, then please DO NOT use this device:


  • have a malignant tumour
  • are pregnant or during a period
  • have dermatitis
  • have any undiagnosed ailments or disease

9.  Keep this product away from children at all times.

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