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The Regimes For Our Products

The InfraPure


How to Use The InfraPure

1. Cleanse your face, removing all makeup and impurities from areas to be treated.  Pat dry.


Note:  It is vital to cleanse your skin thoroughly prior to light therapy treatments in order to remove any residue and impurities that interfere and block light from penetrating deep into the dermis.  


2. Select the LED treatment panel you would like to use. Insert the panel onto the device, and press the panel down until it clicks.

3. Connect the AC adaptor to the device and plug it into the wall socket.        

Treatment Regime

24 minutes per treatment panel:  9 minutes in pulsating mode, 15 minutes in continuous mode. 

3 to 4 times a week for the first 2 months, then 2 to 3 times a week. 

Allow at least 24 hours between treatments to optimize the skin's regenerative cycle.


Warning:  LED lights are very bright, so you should NOT point the light directly at your eyes. If your eyes are extremely sensitive, please use tanning goggles. 

Note:  When you turn on your red treatment panel, you will notice that some LED lights do not light up. This is normal. Only 15 red LED lights are visible to the eye and you will see them in a snowflake pattern. The other 18 LEDs are infrared lights which cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are working LEDs.  Both visible and non-visible lights are essential to a successful treatment.

The InfraSculpt


How To Use the InfraSculpt


Before application, it is crucial to choose an appropriate skin care product. This is not only considered as a conduction medium, but is also an important element that offers nutrition to your skin.  Therefore, it is essential to apply your chosen skin care product before using any of the modes on the device.  Gel skin care products are recommended as they are more conductive.


Full instructions for each part of the body, and each individual treatment for Ultrasonic, EMS and Infrared are all listed within the instruction booklet.


Ultrasonic Therapy


Perfect for arm massage, waist/lower abdomen massage, hip/buttock massage and feet/legs/thighs massage.


It is not recommended having any contact with your bone joints, such as the knee area.


EMS Massage Theray


Perfect for tummy tightening, hip tightening, waist/tummy area tightening, weight reduction (neck, back, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs), and overall skin beauty, by toning and revitalising the skin.  Electrodes are supplied for this function, so you can work on more than one area of your body at a time.


Infrared LED Light Therapy


With your chosen body shaping product, Infrared stimulates the skin's circulation and metabolism, encouraging the skin to tightening and improves overall skin appearance.


If you chose to use the EMS+Infrared+Ultrasonic for a multiplied effect, you will feel a warm sensation on your skin.  This is perfectly normal, and it is what you should expect.


Each treatment is different, and over time, intensity and length of times are increased.  Please read the instruction manual carefully for full details on how each treatment should be applied.


This device is intended for home, salon and cosmetic purposes only.  Using this device for treating a medical condition or illness is not supported by us.





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